Hey New Travel Bestie

It was the summer of 2017 when I left America to go backpacking through a few countries in Europe.

12 to be exact. 

I had no idea where my travels would take me but I wanted to share my experiences with my loved ones back home through social media.

The Story Behind the Name

As I traveled around with my huge backpack on, talking to everyone on Facebook Live, I would sing, “D-d-d-d-doctora! D-d-d-d-doctora! Doctora the Explorer!” to the tune of “Dora the Explorer.”  

It was crazy catchy and hilarious to boot so I continued singing it everywhere I traveled to.  


I am actually an academic practitioner with my doctorate of management in organization development and change with a focus on global leadership.  

Doctor (in Spanish “Doctora”) – ✔️


I absolutely ADORE traveling the world and meeting all sorts of wonderful strangers turned family members.  As of January 2022, I’ve been blessed to travel to 25 unique locations and countries and I look forward to doubling this number within the next 5 years.  

Explorer – ✔️

After backpacking through Europe, I moved to China in 2017... 


and have been living here since. 

I first lived in Hangzhou, China for a year, then in Beijing for a short 6 months and finally moved to Dalian, China to teach as a university Senior Lecturer in Business Management and English for Specific Purposes (Language for Business Management, English for Accounting and Finance), and Business Ethics at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics.

I lived in that beautiful city for 3 years.

On the last day of December 2021, I relocated to Guangzhou, China where I am now exploring my options in business and other adventures before moving on to the next country.

Discovering the Global God

My foundation as a Kingdom believer has played a large role in my life ever since I was a child. 

I always believed that there was more to God than what I’d been taught in church and seen on TV.  (Yeah…I was kinda…um…different.) 

This belief continued to grow within me...

As I became older and started experiencing life for myself as a young adult and even more-so as I started traveling the world and witnessing God’s beauty in the form of natural landscapes, historical cultures and foreign societal norms.  

This was totally different than the closed-in, 4-walled, limited God most of my religious culture worshipped. 

And it was at that moment that I knew that my suspicions of God, being much bigger than most could fathom and I could ever calculate, were true!  

I petitioned that if He’d allow me to share my discoveries of His globalization with my loved ones (total strangers included), to please send me! I’d go! 

And so…guess what? 

God sends. And I go. ? 

So buckle up, babes and beaus!   

This is going to be one unbelievable adventure after the next as together we discover the global God. ❤️

Dr. Charity C. Campbell

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