September 1, 2020

Why I Finally Decided To Create A Travel Blog

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Hey, fam, hey! ?

Welcome to my official travel blog! I know, I know…finally, right??? ??‍♀️ Many of you know that this has been “an idle dream” since 2017 but not anymore!

It’s finally here and I feel a sense of relief to have begun this blogging career. In case you’re new to me and my site, WELCOME! Let me tell you a little about myself but the rest can be found here.

I have been traveling for the last three years living a lifestyle of travel blogger and vlogger, collecting multimedia content to share with the world but never releasing it. I sparsely posted on my previous blog (now professional website), but I knew that it was something that I longed to do because I’d been crazy about traveling since childhood.

Being a globetrotter and jet setter is a dream come true. I simply love traveling and never considered it to be a future career until a few years ago.

I started seriously pursuing my passion to see the world through God’s eyes in 2017 where I started off with a road trip in the states with my Kenyan Kaka (Hey, Getao!) for a week or so and then I flew out to Spain where I would begin backpacking through 12 European countries.

Fast forward to today and I’m blessed to say that I have been to 25 different countries thus far. As a university lecturer and expat living in Dalian, China, my full-time career has helped me finance my life’s dream.

Wayment….did you say travel blogging as a career?!?!

Yes, boo! I sure did!

Believe it or not, there’s actually a ton of people coming on the blogging scene as bloggers who willing share their experiences and advice about traveling through their blogs and social networks…

…and get paid!

This lifestyle offers an opportunity to travel across the world while getting paid which obviously is attractive to wanderlust souls. From visiting wonderful places around the world on someone’s expense to receiving sponsorships to share your travel experiences, uhhhhh….yeah…sign me up for that one. ☝?

Not as easy as it sounds though…

Of course, as with most things, nothing comes easy in life. And although it may sound easy to start travel blogging, where you can casually and occasionally slap a few posts on your website and share multimedia content daily on your social media accounts like Pinterest Twitter, Facebook, and – the holy grail of pics – Instagram, it’s actually kinda hard.

None of the above guarantees success. It doesn’t even guarantee that my content will get noticed because writing posts on this site isn’t all that’s involved in making this a career. I actually have to work in order to be able to one day become associate with the travel industry as a valuable content creator and trusted travel advisor.

In order to start earning a sustainable income from travel blogging, it’s going to take quite a while to get to that point so for the meantime, I’m just going to enjoy sharing my passion for travel and all the adventures I experience with my community. ?

Travel Blogging Will Only Be As Good As I Make It

I’ve found that traveling around the world and sharing my experiences with illustrative pictures and other multimedia content does come easy for me. I just needed my own virtual “space” to house the content and share with my community. Building a blog, especially about traveling, is like setting up any other business in which success comes with time, patience, and dedication.

It also take consistency to continuously improve my skills and professional development as a travel blogger and it requires me to be innovative with my creativity to do something different and unique to grab the attention of all those who are interested in my adventures.

So you’re really doing this, eh?

Yeeeeeap. I took the plunge and chose to simply JUST. START. SOMEWHERE.

And although everything I’ve done in preparation to launch this site has been a significant investment, I know it was worth it. If I never make any money from this virtual space of mine, at least I’ll be able to look back and see the unforgettable experiences that God allowed me to participate in around the world.

Bon Voyage and Cheers to This New Adventure!


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