December 30, 2020

LAX COVID Testing Facility Update

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I just got off the phone with the representative from airport diagnostic Institute in Los Angeles, California.

I spoke with, Abby, the representative who (ironically), was responding to my email as the same time I called.

Abby informed me that the facility is about a five-minute drive from the airport and that there’s a shuttle that could take me to a destination close by. I asked if the hotel that I booked yesterday was near their location and she said that she wasn’t sure of the name of the hotel – The H Hotel, Curio.

When I mentioned that it was the Hilton, she said, “oh yeah! We’re right next door!”

Can you believe that?!?!? ? OMG! I am so amazed by how God still orders my steps like this!

Abby also shared that they’ll be able to give me the test results on the next day between the times of 10a – 2p. It doesn’t matter when you get your test done on the day before – whether it’s when they open or when they’re about to close – you’ll receive the results during the same window of 10a-2p PST on the next business day.

This is great news!

Currently, I’m still waiting to find out from the embassy how soon after receiving my test results will they give me a health code.

As I’m trying to plan for this, I think it might be wiser for me to leave on Monday because I don’t want to cut it too close. My plan is to arrive to LAX, get my test done, receive the results on Tuesday so I can send them off, apply for the health code, get that and be ready for take off by the time the plane leaves.

But that’s just what I’m thinking at the moment. I’m not 100% sure if this plan will work, but whatever plan I end up with will more than likely resemble this one, considering that all of this must be done within 48 hours of the flight’s departure (Chinese government rule).

Either way, I should be okay. My mother has been declaring “favor” over me this entire time.

We pray favor over you. You don’t have COVID and you won’t get it.


I’m choosing to agree with mi madre. I’m going to be perfectly fine and free to fly.

And then that part of the journey will be done.

Lastly, I am feeling more at ease as it pertains to the testing process and the turnaround time. Now I’m just waiting for Delta Airlines to call me back so I can reschedule my previous flight itinerary from Wednesday (when I was getting tested in North Carolina) to Monday (so I can get tested near LAX), because I’d be checking into the hotel on Monday as well.

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