January 6, 2021

Day 3 of 4-Day Return Process to China – Receiving Results and Health Code Application

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It’s Wednesday and the test results are in:

I’ve never been so happy to be called, “negative,” in all of my life! ?

At 12:52p PST, I received my test results from Airport Diagnostic Center, which I just discovered is also called Sunrise Diagnostic Center. Both tests came back negative and as soon I noticed the email (which was a little after 2p when I checked), I forwarded the email with the test results to the Chinese Embassy in New York, along with forwarding it to the health declaration department.

Of course, they responded with a generic automated message first, then responded a few moments later with the email address for the department in Los Angeles. This was the same email address given to me last week with the health code app that I created an account for.

I signed into my account with my email address and my password, verified that it was me by confirming the verification code sent to me and logged in.

Once I was in, I submitted an application for my health code. The application asked for proof of test results in the form of images so I took screenshots of both of the tests, completed the questionnaire, and hit submit.

That was around 2:32p PST.

I waited and kept checking my email to see if I received the approval code but nothing ever showed up in my inbox.

I thought that I must’ve completed the application incorrectly, so I logged back into the health code app to reapply.

Then I noticed that this time, under the “apply for your health code” option, there was a message that said, “approved” and a new option to select which showed: “view health code.”

I clicked on it and was able to see that I had a green code that I can show to Xiamen Airlines when I get to the airport!

Underneath the QR code is a health declaration.

So, all of this happened within a span of a few hours. It is currently 5:26pm pacific standard time and I received the results at 12:52p, completed and submitted the application for the health code around 2:30ish and received approval shortly thereafter.

I’m good to go! I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders!

Now it’s time to move on the next part of the process – making it to China and getting through immigrations with my two passports. ??

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