August 21, 2021

Review: Le Meridien Hangzhou Binjiang Hotel, China

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After returning to China and realizing that the possibility for international travel isn’t the best option until the pandemic improves, I might as well take full advantage of the opportunity that I have in this massive country and explore China to the fullest.

While in Hangzhou for business several weeks ago, I decided to check out some of the more prestigious and popular hotels in the city and Le Meridien Hangzhou was my first stop.


What’s hot? ??

?? The hotel (overall).

?? The customer service.

?? The western food options.

?? The room decor.

?? The private spa tub in the bathroom.

??The swimming pool.

?? The fitness center.

?? Did I mention the customer service???

What’s not? ??

?? The view from my bedroom.

?? Unadjustable mood lighting in the entire room (basically, a bit dark).

?? The price of the hotel restaurant.

Doctora’s Rating? ⭐️

9/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️___

Would I stay again? ?


Hangzhou, China ??

If you’ve been following me for some time now, you know of my love for this breathtaking city.

It’s truly a love-hate infatuation, though. I absolutely loathe the blistering heat and humidity which reminds me a lot of the weather back home in North Carolina during the summers. Even still, this city will always hold a special place in my heart due to its architecture, futuristic vibes, and glamour.

Purpose of My Trip ?

As a millennial global entreleader, I have made connections with fellow entrepreneurs from around the world. One of these connections is an entrepreneur who runs his own international educational program for bilingual children in one of the more affluent areas in Hangzhou.

Helping him with this summer program and consulting on organizational communication brought me back to the first city I lived in and loved in China.

The Check-In Process ?

As my Didi pulled up to the hotel, I was warmly greeted by Jimmy, the polite gentleman who opened my car door and grabbed my luggage from the trunk. I thanked him as he courteously led me to the concierge desk where I was greeted by Caylin Liu.

I showed her my green health code, proving that I was allowed to travel safely due to not testing positive for COVID.

I appreciated Caylin’s attempt to clearly communicate with me during the check-in process. She had some difficulty with expressing herself but fortunately, the manager, Leslie Tang, had just finished working with another guest and came to her rescue.

Spoken with confidence and clarity, Leslie spearheaded the rest of the check-in process while Caylin assisted with the documentation and passport scans.

Le Meridien Hotel Lobby Area

While waiting, Leslie informed me that I was given complimentary access to the Executive Club Lounge in which I’d receive a tapas kind of dining experience in the lounge, located on the 17th floor.

After getting checked in, Jimmy, chauffeured me to my room on the 16th floor where he proceeded to give me a tour and ensured that I settled in alright.

Property Amenities ?

Like most facilities in the international hospitality industry, Le Meridien Hangzhou’s property amenities include:


  • Room service ?
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Accessibility for disabled guests
  • Famliy rooms
  • Elevators
  • Car rentals (most likely will never need this in China)
  • AC
  • Work desk in room with cable management ?
  • Private spa bath tub ?


  • Sauna
  • Hot tub/Jacuzzi ?
  • Insanely Gorgeous Pool ? with amazing view
  • Mini golf
  • Kids’ Club ?
  • Seasonal art galleries
  • Walking tours (additional charge)
  • Happy hour (additional charge)

Dining Options

  • Restaurant ?
  • Executive Lounge ?
  • Room Service ?
  • Special diet meals (by request)

Business Facilities

  • Meeting/Banquet Rooms (additional charge)
  • Business center (additional charge)
  • Fax/Photocopying (additional charge)

All About the Room ?

The room was very beautiful and had the perfect aesthetic for my personal taste.

It was so clean that it felt like it was new. Friend, if I’m honest, when I entered the room, I tried to keep my composure but I couldn’t help but audibly express how the room made me feel.

There was a standard minibar, an ironing board with an iron, and of course an extra robe. Additionally, there were some additional bedding supplies hidden in one of the upper cabinets above the coffee station.

Room Decor

There were little details all around the room that made it special. There was a split lamp with two lampshades, a big work desk with a built-in cable management cabinet to plug in/charge up your devices without getting cables and cords tangled or spread all over the desk.

There were also a few Ottoman chairs tucked away under the cabinets where the TV hung.

There were two very nice, stylish chairs in between the bed and window. The window seat had an area where there was a comfortable padded cushion to sit/rest on.

Lastly, I was greatly impressed with the duality of simplicity and complex detail in the wall art displayed in my particular room.

The Bathroom

Friend, remember when I said that I tried to contain myself as I entered the room? ? Well, this was why.

This bathroom was SO GINORMOUS and had the most inviting spa bathtub, beckoning me to soak in my scented Epsom salt and bath bomb that I brought with me. And after the restless night and red-eye flight that I had?!?!?!?

Uh. Yeah. It was definitely planned!

The separate shower had enough space for 8 of me to fit comfortably (can you imagine how spacious it is? ?) and the water pressure was perfect. I washed my hair with the showerhead that was embedded in the ceiling and it felt like my scalp was receiving a much-needed massage.

I also enjoyed the oversized vanity mirror above the sink, although the bathroom was poorly lit. I tried to find ways to brighten the light in the bathroom (and the rest of the room), but unfortunately, the room was very dimly lit.

Vanity Mirror Front View
Executive Lounge Ready!

The Mattress & Bedding

The bed was huge, friend. I rolled around in it just to see how spacious this king-size bed was but, in reality, I only slept on about a third of it. It wasn’t too soft or hard which was surprising to me because China is known for its hard beds.

And the pillows! ? They were JUST. RIGHT. (Hey, Goldilocks… ?)

Is There Room Service During A Pandemic??? ?


My sleep pattern was a little off after taking a 4-5 hour nap. I missed having dinner so around 2:12 am, since I was wide awake and finally responding to emails, I checked out the room service pamphlet that was left on the bed.

Room service could be ordered during breakfast times from 6 am to 11 am, or day-long dining from 11 am to 11 pm, or even late at night from 11 pm to 6 am. I was thrilled to be able to order something to eat, no matter how late it was.

The options available were salad soups and broth, South-East Asia delights, bakery pasta, and sandwiches.

I called the kitchen to place my order. The concierge answered in Chinese but once I responded in English, she noticed my room number and proceeded to take my order in English.

I ordered a grilled beef burger with bacon, cheddar cheese, pickled gherkin, and roasted onions served with French fries from the bakery section.

She said that it would take about 30 to 30 minutes, but I figured that she meant either 20-30 minutes or 30-40 minutes. The total came to 468 RMB, after which I also ordered a Ginger Ale with no ice.

Functional/Family Facilities

The Gym ??‍♀️

To say that Le Meridien has a standard gym would be absurd. This hotel has the most well-equipped fitness center I’ve ever seen in a hotel and it was open 24/7. You would need to use your room key to access the fitness center after hours.

Have you ever seen an indoor pool as beautiful as this? If so, please let me know where it is so I can visit and compare for myself because THIS POOL and THE VIEW?!?!?!?! ? ??

The Pool ?‍♀️

There is a requirement that you must wear a swim cap and goggles in the pool. Since I didn’t have either, I purchased them from the swimming supply cabinet.

Fun for the Family

There are other functional facilities for the whole family if you have kiddos and/or a spouse traveling with you. There’s a seasonal art center (it was closed at the time of my stay), kids club, mini-golf, spa center, and more.

Dining Options ? ?

Dining at Le Mei Chinese Restaurant & The Executive Lounge


Le Meridien has two restaurants, a Chinese restaurant (Le Mei Chinese Restaurant), and a Western restaurant (Latest Recipe). Both restaurants are located on the third floor. The main restaurant that serves as the common eating area for the breakfast/lunch/dinner buffet is Le Mei Chinese restaurant, but there are plenty of Western food options included.

The dinner was a bit pricey as the total came to 218 RMB.

Room Service

As previously mentioned, one of the dining options at Le Meridien Hangzhou Hotel is the room service.

If you don’t know what to choose from the menu, you could choose the signature breakfast, better known as the chef’s healthy breakfast, for 168 RMB. It includes your choice of fresh juice, a fresh fruit platter, oatmeal with brown sugar served with skim milk, egg white omelet, Spinach, grilled tomato, and roasted potato.

There were several set meal options listed on the door knocker and in the room service menu, too.

Executive Lounge ?

Friend, remember when I mentioned that I was given access to the exclusive executive lounge on the 17th floor?

The Executive Lounge had food options such as braised beef in red wine, with celery, carrots, beef and a big chunk of garlic, finger sandwiches from the cold cut bar, smoke salmon pâté on crackers, steamed and roasted veggies, pastries, and more.

What to Expect While Staying During a Pandemic ?

There were many safety protocols in place. Masks were required by everyone in the hotel, whether staff or guests. Additionally, all guests had to show the National green health code, indicating that they recently tested negative for COVID.

Customer Service

One thing that I must praise Le Meridien Hangzhou for is their attention to detail and sincere customer service. The consumer relations industry is still evolving in China and although many companies and establishments have had much progress regarding the way customers are treated, there are still several establishments that need improvement.

Le Meridien Hangzhou is not one of them. They were extremely kind, attentive, helpful, and very hospitable.

Look at the yummy fruit they sent up to my room as a welcome gift! ?

Even when I visited the main restaurant, the customer service was top-notch. You can read more about the customer service treatment in the restaurant in the upcoming review. ?

So, How Much Does It Cost to Stay Here? ?

For a 2-night stay in a Deluxe Room with a King-Size bed and city view, the price totaled to 1,879.59RMB ($289.15USD), including tax. I booked my stay about a week in advance. If you book your stay months in advance, the price will more than likely be a bit friendlier than if you were to book within the same month.

Conclusion ?

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay with the exception of the view from the room. My reservation specifically stated that I would have a “city view” but when I got into the room, the close proximity of the tall buildings directly in front of my window was less appealing than desired.

However, I do appreciate the location of Le Meridien Hangzhou Hotel being next door to a shopping center that has additional restaurants and a supermarket.

Compared to other hotels that I’ve stayed in within the past year, Le Meridien Hangzhou Hotel in Binjiang district most certainly ranks within the top 3 properties.

I would like to thank the staff and servers at Le Meridien Hangzhou Hotel for their hospitality. From the moment I was warmly greeted by Jimmy, Caylin, and Leslie upon arrival, to the moment I left with Jimmy waving goodbye, my experience was positive and surprisingly refreshing.

Question: How comfortable would you feel staying at Le Meridien Hangzhou Hotel during a pandemic? I would love to hear from you about this in the comment section below and share your thoughts with me. ♥️

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