September 22, 2021

5 Interesting Facts to Know About Mid-Autumn Festival | Dalian City 2021

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Currently, I’m taking Chinese classes with LIFE Mandarin here in Dalian City.

As a group activity partnered with Localren, we learned about the significance of this holiday and some of the representations such as mooncakes, rabbits, and lanterns. 

This is my Chinese teacher, April. After she shared with us the story of the Goddess of the Moon and the Chinese customs during the mid-autumn festival, she showed us how to make mooncakes. 

5 Interesting Facts to Know About the Mid-Autumn Festival

? Festival’s Chinese Name

Mid-Autumn Festival is called Zhong Qiu Jie in Chinese.

? Time of Mid-Autumn Festival

Based on the lunar calendar, the mid-autumn festival is celebrated on August 15th which is said to be the middle of autumn.

? The Origin of Mid-Autumn Festival

This festival has a legend of worshipping the moon and celebrating the harvest.

? The Legend of the Mid-Autumn Festival – Goddess of the Moon

Once upon a time, there was a happy couple. One day, the husband got an elixir from an immortal and brought it back home. But there was only one elixir so the couple decided to find another one and take them both at the same time.

A bad man eavesdropped on their conversation and wanted to get the elixir for himself so he snuck into the couple’s house when the husband left. The wife couldn’t fight off the bad man so she took the elixir to protect it from him.

After taking the elixir, she couldn’t control herself and flew to the moon.

It was then that she became the goddess of the moon.

The legend also believes that there is a rabbit in the moon that makes Chinese medicine. The rabbit became the pet of the goddess and the two were the only two creatures on the moon.

? What Chinese Eat During the Mid-Autumn Festival

These are some the primary foods eaten during this holiday.

Moon Cakes

Traditional Chinese matcha green tea mooncake
Traditional Chinese matcha green tea mooncake


Steamed crab in a restaurant
Steamed crab in a restaurant


Red grapes with leaves
Red grapes with leaves

Moon Cakes & Moon Cake Fillings

Mooncakes can be stuffed with different types of bean paste but the most popular are:

  • Red bean paste
  • Red bean paste with rsose
  • Chestnut paste
  • Lotus seed paste
  • and Black sesame

Watch Me Make Moon Cakes

I’m happy that I took the opportunity to participate in this group activity. It was a nice way to meet and interact with other expats as well as learn more about the celebration of the mid-autumn festival here in China. 

Until next time, Friend…

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