January 29, 2021

Quarantine Chronicles Day 22 (QD22) – THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING AGAIN

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Happy Friday, friend!

I hope this post doesn’t sound all over the place. ??‍♀️ Here goes.

7:47a – Visit from the Temperature Fairy ???‍♀️

One of the new Hazmats came to take my temperature this morning. After taking my temp (36.3 by the way), I had to have another NAT test but this time only in one nostril, and thankfully no blood was drawn today.

8:03a – Breakfast was delivered

Well, this is what breakfast looks like.

Better than expected.

8:30a – Morning reflection

For about an hour, I read my morning devotionals and gazed out the window at the beautiful scenery, grateful that I survived the two hardest weeks ever.

11:27a – Lunch was delivered

Lunch was really good. It was hot, fresh and I think the orange may have been the best tasting orange I’ve had in years!

5:21p – Dinner Delivered

Dinner didn’t have the best smell but it was fine. I didn’t feel my best after eating it but I probably just need a nap.


I’m numb.

I have a cajillion thoughts racing through my mind and none of them are good.

How is this happening to me?

Why is this happening?

I barely made it out with my sanity in tact and now they’re making me go back there again???

Pray, friend. Please, pray for me.

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