January 11, 2021

Quarantine Chronicles – Day 4 (QD4)

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It’s Monday.

8:27a – Call from Hotel Doctor

She’s coming to do an oral NAT test this morning. She said, “no food, no drink, no smoking” and in that order.

She didn’t mention not being able to brush my teeth though. ?

I should do that now. ?

8:34a – Brushed my teeth

While I’m waiting for the doc to show up, I can at least turn on the kettle so my coffee will be ready as soon as we’re done.

8:41a – People-Watching ?

9:13a – Morning Devotion

In serious need of my morning inspiration right about now…

9:24a – First visit from temperature ? fairy ??‍♀️

I thought it was the doc at the door. Just the ? ??‍♀️.

? I’m ready to drink my coffee… ☕️

9:52 – I’m thirsty

I’ve been sipping on water all morning, waiting patiently for the doc to show up and take these tests. I’m a bit ravenous at the moment so I’m going to drink my coffee. I hope this doesn’t interfere with the test results. ?

10:14a – The Doctor’s Here ??‍♀️

I knew it. I had a feeling that she’d show up after I enjoyed my morning cup of joe.

Apparently, the doc misstated the kind of test she’d take. She spoke this to me in English, by the way. She said that it would only an oral test.

She took 3 different kinds of test!

  • Nasal (from both nostrils)
  • Oral Swab
  • Saliva sample collection

I really hope my coffee doesn’t alter the test results.

Oh well, back to my morning devotion.

10:52a – Finished morning devotion

How long does it take to get over jet lag? ? I don’t know what’s going on with my body but I feel extremely sluggish and like I need to take a long nap. I’m going to get back in bed and see if a little sleep helps with the sluggishness and disorientation.

After all, it’s day 4. I should be back to normal by now, right?

11:00a – Can’t sleep

I can’t seem to fall asleep so I guess studying and a little intellectual stimulation is on the menu.

11:48a – Received a call from the front desk

Apparently, last night the cold water pipes started leaking. The operator said that today between 1:30p and 5:30p, the cold water will be turned off so the engineer can repair the pipes. She then further warned that the cold water would be turned off again tomorrow morning between 9:30a and 11:30.

None of this will affect the hot water. ??

3:00p – Lunch

Today’s lunch was simple. Chicken wings, those darn fries (they’re soooo good), and chicken nuggets. The original options I wanted are only available after 5p. ??‍♀️ Maybe I’ll get those tomorrow.

3:27p – 2nd visit from the temperature ? fairy ?‍♀️

Every time I open the door to the hallway, it smells like someone sprayed vinegar around the doors. ??‍♀️ It’s an unpleasant and strong smell.

7:57p – Wait…I was asleep???

You ever have moments when you wake up but don’t remember falling asleep?

Yeah. That just happened.

One moment I was writing in my workbook and the next I woke up to a dark room and low battery signal. ? I guess my body gave out on me.

11:42p – Shutting it down for the evening

It’s time for bed again. At least I have 4 days of quarantine under my belt now.


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