September 2, 2020

7 Ways Travel Changes You

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Travel is one of those special moments in our lives that change and define who we are. Traveling to a new place and going on an unknown adventure completely opens us to the world. It is more than just packing your bags, visiting touristy spots and taking selfies.

It is about the experiences and, more precisely, the life-changing ones. The experiences that we get from meeting new people in new places help shape and transform us in ways we wouldn’t think possible.

Whether planning for solo travel or with friends and family, travel is all about the personal transformations that help us understand who we are and who we will become.

The following are 7 ways that travel changes us:   

Recharge yourself

Woman Drinking Coconut Juice while Relaxing on the Beach

Travel helps us to recharge by giving us a break from our every day life. Whether you thrive in the city life or love chillaxin’ in the countryside, an occasional break from “the norm” is necessary and refreshing. And for those of us who have jobs where sitting is more than 50% of our days, our minds and bodies need that break. 


Experiencing new cultures, adventures and encountering the unknown causes you to tap into a deeper level of who you are and the power you possess. Sometimes you may face an unexpected situation that will require you to react quickly or have to think on your toes. In a situation like this, boy, oh boy, will you learn something about yourself!

Traveling is even more self-exploratory for women, like me, who travel solo. It helps us to have a better understanding of ourselves and our value.  

– @doctorathexplorer

Helps you come out of your comfort zone

Traveling will definitely push you out of your comfort zone! I’d never thought that I would be a solo traveler. I always thought that I’d be traveling the world with my beau (as of this writing, I’m single and have no idea who or where he is ??‍♀️) but since God had other plans in mind for me, I’ve been traveling the world solo and meeting amazing stranger-fam along the way.

Traveling solo is a great way to break down all the barriers – physical, psychological, financial and even spiritual – that are holding you back. It helps you develop into a more experienced version of yourself and allows for more growth as an individual. 

Young woman traveler traveling at Blue Moon Valley

Changes your perspective of the world

One of the most rewarding parts of traveling is that it gives you new perspectives. When you travel, you learn. You gain information and new experiences. These things help you to better understand the world while giving you a new sense of apathy for the cultures you experience. As a result, you become a well-rounded person, ready to redefine your previous outlook. 

Gain confidence

When you plan for solo travel, you decide not to be fearful of unexpected events and their outcomes. Basically, you let your hair done and expect the unexpected to happen along the way!

This way of thinking increases your confidence and lets you conquer any fear you have associated with traveling. When you travel alone, you only have God and yourself to rely on. You are not dependent on anybody else. You get explore things by yourself and gain a sense of strength.

This is one of the true beauties of traveling. 

Learn to be flexible and adaptable

For men and women who travel solo, one of the greatest skills we inherit is the ability to roll with the punches. When you encounter the unexpected, you learn how to deal with it in that moment. If you’re like me, your prayer life will increase times a cajillion! ? You learn to be still and swift – at the same time – to explore solutions to improve the situation.  

Desire for more travel

Fam, I am living proof that once that travel bug bites you, that’s it! ISSA WRAP. You will develop a craving to continue exploring God’s beautiful creation.

And, of course, this may not be for everyone, however, I strongly believe that if you are reading this article and you frequent my site, you are interested – dare I say, “ready?” – to embrace new experiences and new perspectives through the wonders of travel.

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