December 30, 2021

Review: My Perfect 3-Day Christmas Gift at The Dalian Castle Hotel

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The view from the second floor of the Dalian Castle Hotel truly is beautiful any time of the year.

Purpose of My Trip

Ahhh…Christmas at the Castle.

Yes, I planned for this, friend. It was the perfect getaway from the end-of-semester finals, stress about having to pack up my home and relocate to a new city, and everything else that was on this brain of mine.

I was in dire need of some quality self-care and the Castle Hotel seemed like that perfect destination.

When I first arrived at The Castle Hotel in Dalian, China during Christmas, I was impressed by the grandiose exterior of the hotel. It is a stunning European-style building that catches the eye of anyone within its view. However, it was not until after checking into my room and exploring more of the property that I realized just how gorgeous this hotel truly is!

Dalian, China

Dalian is a beautiful city in the Northeastern part of China. It is a port city with a rich history and diverse culture. The Castle Hotel is located in the heart of Dalian near Xinghai Square which is within walking distance to the beach, making it an ideal location to explore all that this city has to offer! Not to mention, the Castle Hotel is a popular destination for families due to the nearby attractions that Xinghai Square has within its proximity.


The Check-In Process

As my Didi pulled up to the veranda of the Castle Hotel, I was warmly greeted by the bellman, who collected my bags and escorted me inside. The friendly front desk staff made the check-in process quick and easy, which I really appreciate because I was exhausted from spending the past 7 hours packing up my home.

After checking in, the bellman and I entered into an elegant hotel lobby that had several beautiful chandeliers hanging from its ceiling. But the chandeliers weren’t the showstopper.

Internal Lobby of the Dalian Castle Hotel

Smack dab in the middle of the lobby was a giant Christmas tree that towered over the area. I was completely mesmerized by it because not only did it scream, “Today is Christmas!”, but its presence brought warmth and comfort to my soul.

This wasn’t my first time seeing the Christmas decorations at the Castle Hotel. In 2019, before the pandemic, I attended a Charity Ball that was held in one of the large banquet halls on the second floor. It was then that I knew I had to stay in this extremely lavish hotel at least once before leaving Dalian.

Property Amenities

Like most facilities in the international hospitality industry, the Castle Hotel’s property amenities included the standard features you would see in any reputable hotel. Since this hotel is in the Luxury Collection of the Marriott hotel brand, the presentation and use of these facility amenities were more elaborate.

The Room

As soon as I walked into my room at The Castle Hotel, I was amazed by how spacious and luxurious it felt. The walls were adorned with beautiful paintings, the bed was extremely comfortable and there was the most spectacular view of one of my favorite Dalian city landmarks – the Xinghai Bridge!

The gorgeous view of Xinghai Bridge from my room on the 12th floor

The Castle Hotel proved to be a wonderful place. The rooms were very nice and the service was excellent. The decor of the hotel made me feel like royalty, which is why I decided to stay there for the Christmas holiday.

The Bathroom

The bathroom was equally as nice with a large shower, the perfectly sized spa bathtub, an automated toilet with a bidet and heated seats, and plenty of counter space to temporarily house my toiletries.

The showerhead and several other of the room details were made of brass, with a lovely golden hue.

Did I mention how comfortable the bed was? My body was so grateful to the sufficiently-cushioned mattresses and pillows as I had the best sleep during my stay.

This was a very comfortable bed

The Dining Services

One of the best things about The Castle Hotel is its incredible dining services!

There are four dining options on-site, of which two specialize in international cuisines, one in local Dalian cuisine, and a bar.

My restaurant of choice during my stay was the international one called “Collections Signature Restaurant”. It had a cozy atmosphere, a beautiful view of the Xinghai bridge, and a buffet of delicious food that made my taste buds jump.

Not only does the main restaurant serve a great selection of food but the Castle Hotel also offers room service which is something of a spectacle, if I must say so myself!

The Room Service Menu at Dalian Castle Hotel

I was famished! So I decided to order room service. The Castle Hotel’s staff are highly trained in the hospitality industry which means that they know exactly how to make their guests feel special – even if you’re just ordering a quick bite before heading out for some sightseeing while on holiday.

The staff went above and beyond with the room service and it reassured me that this was the ideal Christmas present for myself.

Functional/Family Facilities

The Fitness Center

The fitness center at the Castle Hotel was top-notch! I’m so impressed by the number of machines, the variety of weights and how new everything looked.

There were quite a few treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, stability balls for flexibility training, and several weightlifting stations – all in plain sight of the breathtaking Xinghai bridge.

The Castle Hotel’s fitness center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and also included a swimming pool (heated!) with operational hours from 6a to 10p.

What to Expect While Staying During a Pandemic

A friendly reminder on the TV in the room

There were many safety protocols in place. Masks were required by everyone in the hotel, whether staff or guests. Additionally, all guests had to show the National green health code upon check-in, indicating that they recently tested negative for COVID.

Customer Service

The customer care shown at The Castle Hotel was incredible.

Dalian Castle Hotel Bellman, Leon Hong.
Thanks again for the top-notch customer service, Leon! (Dalian Castle Hotel Bellman)

As I mentioned in a previous hotel review, the consumer relations industry is still evolving in China and although many companies and establishments have had much progress regarding the way customers are treated, there are still several establishments that need improvement.

The Castle Hotel in Dalian is not one of them. The staff were very friendly and accommodating, especially to my requests for room service!

How Much Does It Cost to Stay at the Castle Hotel?

For a 2-night stay in a Grand King Ocean View Room, a reservation with would cost around $141.26 USD a night which would be a total of $329 USD (taxes included) which was well worth the money!


I hope this review has given you some insight into what the Castle Hotel in Dalian, China offers. As a Marriott hotel, they are known for their luxury and service with personalized touches that make it feel better than a home away from home.

If you’re looking to stay somewhere located in an ideal part of Dalian but still feels luxurious, then this may be just what you need! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on my experience at the Castle Hotel in Dalian, China in comparison to the ones I’ve had at the Giant Gold Ball in Hangzhou, the Grandover in Greensboro, North Carolina (USA), and the AC Marriott Hotel in Raleigh North Hills.

What do you think about Marriott’s Luxury Castle Hotel? Let me know in the comments below!

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