January 9, 2021

Quarantine Chronicles – Day 2 (QD2) Never Leaving This Room

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6:30 a – I thought we could have breakfast downstairs ?

One of the most adorable things happened. I was wondering when we could go downstairs for breakfast so I called the front desk to inquire about it since breakfast is included.

The operator who answered didn’t speak any English. As I prepared to communicate in broken Chinglish (Chinese + English), she played an English translation over the phone!

She was using her translation app to communicate with me. How adorable, right?!?!

I followed her lead and started using my Google Translate app to respond and that’s how we effectively held a conversation over the phone.

So what about breakfast?

I discovered that breakfast is brought to the room between the hours of 7:30 and 9:30am. We’re not allowed to leave the room at all, not even for breakfast. I was under the impression that breakfast would be downstairs in the desolate diner we waited in for hours yesterday but nope. I’m not allowed to leave my room until the end of the quarantine period.

Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore…

That moment you realize your breakfast is no longer Western cuisine… ?

I can’t fully express my disappointment. The breakfast…

The breakfast consists of two mini hot dogs, 2 large pieces of bread, 4 cubes of a potato, one boiled egg, a yogurt, an apple and soupy oatmeal drowned in milk.

8:32a – The Hotel Doctor Called Me ?

I received a phone call from the hotel doctor saying that she’d be coming by my room to draw blood between 9a and 11a. She told me to eat breakfast first and she would draw my blood a little after. I asked if she would do this every day and she said that it was just for today.

9:04 AM – Blood Draw

10:34 AM – Temperature Check

1034 and another mysterious lady in a hazmat suit came and checked my temperature again. This is the second day of quarantine.

Lunch from the Hotel

Today was much better than yesterday. I ordered beef and noodles, pork dumplings and chives and a side of fries. Since the portion sizes from breakfast were so smaller than expected, I ordered multiple dishes but realized that was a bad move once the food arrived. It was too much to eat it all!

4:50p – Temperature ? Fairy ??‍♀️

Doorbell rang and several knocks from the Temperature fairy ? ??‍♀️

Shortly afterwards, I hooked up my MacBook to the TV with the HDMI cable and tried to see if I could stream any videos but the unstable internet connection is an issue so, I’ll have to stick to downloaded videos or watch no TV at all.

That’s all that I have to report for QD2. See you tomorrow!

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