January 10, 2021

Quarantine Chronicles – Day 3 (QD3)

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8:13a – Breakfast delivered to the door

Breakfast was different from yesterday.

There was a banana, some soupy millet stuff, a yam ?, steamed pork bun, mini ? on the cob, one boiled egg ?, fried cabbage ?, some spicy shredded meat, a yeast bun and a carton of oat milk.

QD3 Breakfast

I’ll be ordering from the hotel again today. It’s Sunday and I’ve decided that since I’m here in quarantine, it’d be a good idea to continue with my intermittent fasting plan during the week.

VPN & Netflix

Well, it’s working. For now.


I just realized that it’s QD3 already! I only have 11 days left to quarantine.

I know you’re probably reading this like, “girl, are you crazy? That’s still a long time!” But it’s really not, considering how quickly time passes by.

9:58a – First visit from the ? ??‍♀️

11:57a – Ordered lunch from hotel

Lunch arrived a little after 12:30p.

QD3 Lunch – scrambled eggs with peppers, steamed rice and water

3:47p – Ordered dinner from the hotel

4:24p – Second visit from the ? ??‍♀️

I guess it’s always normal because they never stick around to store any results. ? ??‍♀️

5:14p – Dinner arrived

QD3 Dinner Ordered from Hotel

7:05p – Going to bed early

I didn’t sleep at all the night before. My body is still feeling all the effects of being in multiple time zones last week – from east coast to west coast to China…?

Tomorrow is Monday and I look forward to getting a lot of reading and studying done.

For now, it’s lights out! ?

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