February 7, 2021

Quarantine Chronicles Days 30 & 31 (QD30 & QD31) Update

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Day 30 – Making changes

I started a new regimen today. I’m experimenting with nasal irrigation with saline and facial steam with mint leaves and Vicks vapor tablets in boiling water.

Ada started her facial steam with Chinese herbs that her mother said were proven to produce negative test results.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in previous posts but the morning that Ada and I officially met (the night before didn’t count), I asked her so many questions about her 3-month quest to return home. By the end of our conversation, it clicked that the only thing that matters here is that the test results are negative.

It doesn’t matter that you’re asymptomatic and are not contagious. If your test results read, “positive,” you’re not leaving this place. PERIODT.

So, on that day, I started doing a bit of research to see if nasal irrigation with saline had an influence on COVID test results.

Turns out, there are several case studies about this!

Additionally, I contacted my friend who is a scientist and asked his input. Since he studies plants and is also conducting research on COVID remedies, he advised me to do a facial steam with mint leaves and vicks.

I use double the amount of water than shown in the photo

As he and I spent hours on the phone discussing our experiment, I shared the idea with Ada and she told her mom.

It was then that her mom mentioned the Chinese doctor who had use specific herbs with patients to produce negative test results.

We put everything into motion and started planning to implement our experiments as soon as our items arrived.

Yesterday was the first day of steaming.

My first steam and it was such a mood booster!

Day 31 – The steaming regimen

I woke up at 5:30a.

I did the nasal irrigation with saline first while boiling water in the tea kettle. After refilling the kettle to have enough water in the bucket, I put a handful of washed mint leaves and a 1/4 of a vicks vapor shower tablet in the bucket and poured in the boiling water.

I chose a song that’s 14 minutes long to listen while I put my face in the bucket, just slightly above the hot, steamy water, and pulled the blanket completely over my head, covering everything.

I inhaled deeply through my nose and exhaled through my mouth for 10 times. Then, I alternated and inhaled deeply through my mouth and exhaled through my nose for 10 times.

I continued this pattern until the end of the song.

I almost burnt myself from the steam…??‍♀️

It was almost as tough as it was yesterday when I first started!

Ada and I were tested

This morning, Ada and I were both tested.

Our results?

N E G A T I V E ??

Before I get excited, let’s just see what happens next.

I’ll keep you all posted but for now, it’s 9p and past my bedtime. ?

Talk soon, friend. ♥️

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