February 5, 2021

Quarantine Chronicles Day 29 (QD29) – Today’s Results & The Roommate

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This morning I was hopeful.

The nurse was getting ready to collect the samples for the second COVID test.

Later, about 30 minutes ago, I received today’s results.

Friend, I’m not saying that I give up, but this is literally disheartening.

Meet Ada

Yesterday, I told you that a new patient was moved into the room. I was concerned that she was new to the virus when they put her in the room with me.

Her English is perfect because she’s a high school senior (18 years old) who attends a boarding school in Switzerland and she lived in Spain for 2 years prior to that.

Friend, she’s just a kid!

As we talked and shared stories, I asked her how long she’d been in the hospital.

Ada’s Backstory

Turns out, this kid has been trying to get home for 3 months.


She got COVID in Switzerland in October 2020. She experienced all of the symptoms that I had back in December 2019-January 2020 and felt like she was dying, too.

She was treated and hospitalized in Switzerland and tested negative several times prior to leaving for China.

Ada’s Arrival to China

In November, Ada arrived in Shanghai where she tested positive again (duh…the antibodies remain in your blood even after the virus is gone) and was taken to the isolation ward after completing the process after disembarking the plane. She was treated in the hospital for 10 days, then went to the quarantine hotel for 14 days after which she was released to continue her journey home.

She came to Xiamen, her hometown, and tested positive again on the first day of being in the quarantine hotel. She was brought to this hospital where she stayed for a little less than two months, waiting to get 3 negative test results in a row.

Ada finally got the 3 consecutive negative test results at the hospital and was sent to the quarantine hotel.

The rule is that once you are transferred to the quarantine hotel, you have to test negative by the 14th day in order to be released. There are a few follow-up tests that must be conducted at the hospital on Day 14 but after that, you are released to go home.

Ada at the Quarantine Hotel

Her first test was on Day 7 and then another test would soon follow.

She was so excited because she was finally getting closer to being with her family until she tested positive…

ON DAY 13.

On day-freaking-13the day she was packing her belongings in anticipation of finally being reunited with her parents – Ada received a call saying that she tested positive and to pack her belongings to return to the hospital where she was put in the room with me.

A Much-Needed Change

Having Ada in the the room has been comforting.

I mean, I still look at her every time she sneezes ? – I was like this pre-COVID ??‍♀️ – but it’s been nice to talk to someone.

I fired off a ton of questions non-stop asking her about her story and how long she’s been going through this cycle. Turns out, there’s a support group of patients in this hospital who have been stuck here. A few patients have been here for almost 6 months.


And they’re all Chinese.

And they’re being held here.

No symptoms.

Just test results that keep alternate between negative and positive.

And the worst part?

It’s completely LEGAL. ☹️

Friend. I have no words.

I’m going to sleep. Goodnight. ☹️

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