February 19, 2021

QD43 – No Test Today ?

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Friend, apparently I miscalculated and was mistaken about my test date. I found out this morning that my next test is on Sunday, not today. ?

It’s okay though. For the past two days, I’ve experienced issue with congestion – even with my steam inhalation and nasal irrigation regimens. Hopefully by Sunday, they’ll be all cleared up. ?

This week has been amazing in terms of productivity balanced with rest.

I had a moment yesterday where I was searching for a particular photo from a few months ago and I came across all of the vlog footage that I recorded while in the hospital.

It was tough to watch.

I haven’t edited it for YouTube yet because I want to wait until I am home in Dalian.

I need to wait, friend.

The breakdown that I had last night while watching a few of the videos was real. Although it was short-lived, it was real.

Watching the video footage felt like I was reliving the isolation ward all over again.

And that’s tough for me…even now.

Anyways, I just wanted to give you an update, friend.

I’m about to watch Aquaman and take a long, hot bubble bath with epsom salt infused with coconut oil and vanilla. ?

Til Sunday… ?

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