February 16, 2021

Quarantine Chronicles Day 40 (QD40) – Friday is a Big Day

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5 weeks and 5 days.

40 days.

960 hours.

57,600 minutes.

3,456,000 seconds.

In and out of quarantine hospitals and hotels.

Yet today, I found myself in great spirits and high hopes in spite of what the future may hold. ?

Maybe it was because today’s dinner was the best I’ve had in weeks!

The Next Test

Friday is the next test day. In the morning, one of hazmats will come to my room and hopefully gently put the long Q-tip in my nose, swirl it around and collect the sample needed.

Hopefully, the results will return to me in the evening reading, “阴性” (negative) so I can move on to the next part of my journey to getting home.

Previous tests taken

Did I mention that I’ve been tested 17 times already? And 12 of these results have come back “positive.” You can see them marked in red in the photo above.

All of the markings you see in red are the results that were reported positive.

Let’s hope that I won’t have to see any more of those. ??

Psychologically Preparing Myself ??‍♀️

If it’s positive… ➕

When the results come in Friday evening, I will be told to pack my belongings and wait for the ambulance to take me back to the hospital where I will stay until test results come back negatively two consecutive days in a row.

The PCR test would be given on Sunday. If it’s negative, then I’d be tested again on Monday. If those results come back negative, then I’d be told to pack my things and wait for the transport van to take me back to the quarantine hotel that same evening.

The next morning, I’d be tested and wait to receive the results in the evening. If the results were to come back negative, then I’d remain at the hotel (like I’m doing now) and be tested again on the 13th day which would determine whether or not I could continue on to Dalian or go back to the hospital.

Yes, this is a possibility.

This is why many Chinese citizens have been in quarantine hospitals and hotels for 3-6 months.

But, of course, we pray, hope, trust and believe that this will not be my case.

Still, I’m mentally prepared just in case. ??

If it’s negative… ➖

SUPPOSEDLY: I will be released on Saturday morning (14th consecutive day of quarantine at the hotel) to go back to the hospital ? and have a full work up done again – the exact same as what was performed when I was admitted, CT scan, etc. – and remain at the hospital the whole day until the results are released.

I’m told that if it is negative and all is well, I will be taken back to the hotel to stay for another night and then taken to the airport the next day. ??‍♀️

All hearsay at this point but soon enough, I’ll find out on my own.

But What About AFTERWARDS? ?

I’ve been asking this question and several others for days.

My questions

  1. What are the rules for testing and quarantine from another city to Dalian?
  2. Will there be another antibody test (blood test) or only PCR test?
  3. And if I show the hospitalization documents, does this mean that I will not have to be tested again?
  4. What about the process at the airport?
  5. Will it be the same as here in Xiamen? That included testing and being put into a government assigned quarantine hotel that continued testing me frequently.
  6. The antibodies will remain in my blood and will not go away so if they do a blood test, the antibodies will show positive. If that happens, will they send me to the hospital in Dalian?

Answers given to me

  1. When you leave the quarantine hotel in Xiamen, you will receive a nucleic acid test report and the release certificate of quarantine. You need to bring these two materials to Dalian.
  2. In [my] opinion, there should be no need for testing at the airport. You only need to show the certificate of removal of isolation and the latest nucleic acid test report. In the quarantine hotel in Dalian, another test should be done.
  3. Answer to the rest of the questions: “I’m not sure about that.”

What prompted these questions? ?

Friend, remember the WeChat group for hospitalized COVID patients that I mentioned before?

Well, last night, one of them finally returned to his home city after being here for so long. However, upping arrival, he had to be tested again – despite being tested here in Xiamen – and was sent to the isolation ward in the local hospital all over again because of the antibodies shown in his blood test.

To say that he was angry, hurt and overwhelmed is an understatement.

Many in the group encouraged him to call the authorities to rectify the situation.

There hasn’t been an update from him yet, however, it made me think about what could possibly happen after my arrival in Dalian.

Although I don’t have any concrete answers about this, I have already begun preparing my mind and heart to not be caught off-guard or devastated by unmet expectations.

The key is to not have any expectations.

I hope for the best but psychologically prepare for the worst.

Friend, the next update I’ll have for you will be on Friday, the day that will determine my next steps.

Here’s to hoping for a negative result, ♥️

Doctora the Explorer

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