February 4, 2021

Quarantine Chronicles Day 28 (QD28) – Today’s Test Results

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Today, I took a break from everything.

After conducting a bit of research (which I will share with you soon), I gave my mind a mental rest for the day.

And it felt good.

What’s Next…

Remember how I told you yesterday that if I tested negative then I’d get another test on the next day? Well, that’s what’s next. Since I’ve already been isolated and tested for 14 days before, I longer have to do the isolation ward again, just a regular hospital room.

With a large window.

But still behind locked doors.

In order for a patient to be released to go back to the quarantine hotel, the local law requires two consecutive negative test results after being hospitalized a second time.

If you test negative, then you’re tested the next day. If you test positive, then you have to wait a day before being tested again.

Tomorrow will be my 4th test since Sunday.

Since today’s results came back negative, my next test is in the morning.

Wait…What??? ? A Roommate?!?!

Mm hmm.


In the middle of the night, the same nurse from the previous night loudly unlocked the 45 locks on the door (a bit exaggerative), jerked it open, heavily flicked on the lights while speaking loudly in Chinese (second night in a row) and brought another patient into the room.


I’m an extremely light sleeper. The slightest sounds and movements will cause me to wake up in defender mode. ?

I sat up in bed, squinting to shield the blinding lights from my sleepy, non-medicated eyes (no glasses ?), and said, “Are you kidding me?!

To my surprise, the patient spoke perfect English.

A soft voice: “I’m so sorry. She probably didn’t mean to wake you…”

My groggy voice: “She did the same thing last night but at 3:30 in the morning! ? She knows I’m in here trying to sleep. They see me on the camera.”

Yes, friend. There’s a camera in the room. Insert Rockwell’s lyrics,“I always feel like, somebody’s watching meeeeee…” ?

The soft voice: “I’m so sorry.”

She apologized again for the unapologetic nurse as she started moving her things in and getting settled into the room.

It was too late at night for me to deal with this and quite frankly, my body was exhausted and still emotionally drained from the past two days.

All sorts of questions and concerns populated in my mind as I rolled over to try to go back to sleep.

What stage of COVID does she have??? ?

I have a test in the morning. What if her COVID causes my test results to come back positive tomorrow evening?

Am I gonna have to wear a mask ? around her all day???

Why did they bring someone else in here? That’s not sterile.

The questions were eating away at me so I asked the nurse. Her simple response was:

I read the response several times in disbelief. It was funny. But I was too disturbed and frustrated to laugh at that moment.

Tomorrow, I’m going to tell you all about ??? ???????? and her story.

Friend, I thought I had it bad.

My situation is ??????? compared to hers.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: this entire ordeal is unbelievable. If someone else was going through this, I’d think they were crazy or making things up.

No, friend.

This is real life. And for some, it’s way, way worse.

Bring your coffee, tea and snacks tomorrow because the story I will share with you is the makings of a movie. ?

Goodnight. ♥️

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