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I’ve had a lot going on the past 53 days of quarantine but I couldn’t let #blackhistorymonth end without sharing my experience at the Cape Coast Slave Dungeons in Ghana.

Last year, I went on a mission trip with some friends of mine, fellow expats who I met in Shanghai in 2019.

Knowing that we had a full itinerary ahead of us for the week, my friends wanted me to experience Cape Coast Castle before I did anything else.

As you watch my very first cinematic travel vlog, you’ll see why.

Unfortunately, by the time we arrived, the castle was closing for the day, however, there was one kind-hearted tour guide who stayed a little late just so I could get a partial glimpse of the outer parts of the castle and the dungeons.

QUESTION – Have you ever visited Cape Coast Castle/Slave Dungeon in Ghana? What were your impressions? If not, after watching this video, would you add this place to your travel bucket list? Let me know in the comments below.