February 11, 2021

Quarantine Chronicles Day 34 & Day 35 (QD34 – Day35): I’m Finally Resting & Chinese New Year

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QD34 – Finally Got Some Rest Last Night

6:07a – Woke up without alarm

This morning I woke up feeling very rested. Although I got up and out of bed, I felt like I could’ve stayed in for a little while longer. Don’t worry, friend, I plan to take a nap a little later today.

7:39a – Visit from the temperature fairy ? ?‍♀️

I exercised later in the day and then I went to bed early.

I really think it’s time for me to take a few days and de-stress, unwind and try my best to relax as much as possible.

QD35 – Audio Post (Above)

These are some of the snacks for Lunar New Year ?

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