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If you're looking for a trendy and chic hotel to stay in Greensboro, Hotel Denim is the place to be! With its modern decor and creative atmosphere, this hotel is quickly becoming the trendsetter in Greensboro hotels. This boutique hotel is setting the new standard in contemporary accommodations, with its funky urban decor and array of fun amenities.  

From the moment you walk through the door, your creative juices will start flowing. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, Hotel Denim is sure to please. If you're looking for a creative and comfortable place to stay while in Greensboro, read on for my review of this cutting-edge property.

Purpose of My Trip

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of experiencing Hotel Denim. I was back in Greensboro, North Carolina for business purposes, specifically a client photoshoot, as part of my coaching program. It was an exciting and joyous occasion since it marked the first branding session for many of my clients. For more information about my business and professional background, feel free to visit my official website, drcharitytv.com.

Hotel Denim - Luggage for Brand Shoot

Outfit changes and makeup gear ready for the brand shoot

As a long-term resident of Greensboro for 14 years before my relocation to China, I had no knowledge of the existence of a hotel called Hotel Denim. The discovery piqued my interest, particularly due to the fact that the hotel was fairly new! 

Staying During COVID

While attending to my business matters, I decided to stay at an alternative location that would provide material for my ongoing series on pandemic-related topics, including safe travel during these challenging times.

During my stay, I observed a few sanitation stations and mandatory mask-wearing in public areas, as one would expect during these times.

Additionally, the hotel had adorned itself with Christmas decorations (I really love when hotels do this!), which resonated with my fondness for the holiday season.

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However, what truly stood out at Hotel Denim was its exceptional branding.

Hotel Denim - Denim pillow case

How cute is this? A denim t-shirt styled pillow case found on the beds!

Hotel Denim - Wall art of denim jeans

Most of the wall art seen around the hotel has some form of denim incorporated

Hotel Denim - Coffee Station in Room

Even the coffee station had denim themed branding!

Hotel & Room Decor

As someone with over seven years of experience in branding and related fields, I was thoroughly impressed with their color schemes. Their entire branding revolved around denim, capturing the essence of jeans and their historical significance.

Furthermore, the hotel rooms perfectly aligned with their branding scheme, incorporating shades of blue, dark green, and a touch of brass-gold. The finishes were undeniably stunning, right down to the beautiful brass-colored showerhead.

Upon opening the closet to hang my clothes, I discovered a remarkable surprise. The bathrobes, ladies and gentlemen, were far from the conventional white terry cloth; they were not made of cotton.

What were they made of, you ask?

They were made of denim. Yes, denim! And let me tell you, I made the most of that denim robe. I simply couldn't bear to take it off, my dear. It was stunning, albeit a tad thin. Naturally, being denim, it was meant to serve as more of a house robe rather than a towel-like bathrobe.

Nonetheless, it was crafted from genuine denim fabric—a true jean material. And that, my friend, sealed the victory for me.

I must admit that the absence of a ceiling light caught my attention. I walked into the room, and I wanted to flip on the light switch, but there was none. Instead, the room was lit by a combination of stylish table lamps and strategically placed wall sconces, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere but I would have preferred better lighting. 

Hotel Denim - poorly lit room

Unfortunately, once the sun went down, the lighting was quite poor in the room.

The hotel has only four floors, each adorned with unique murals on the end walls. These murals showcase creative artistry and provide a delightful touch to the hallway.

At the end of each hall, you'll find a wall featuring these artistic creations. By scanning the QR code using your smartphone, you can access information about the artists and the purpose and history of the paintings. 

I found this to be a nice addition. Moreover, there are various paintings and installations throughout the hotel where you can take photos and immerse yourself in their beauty. If you're a creative entrepreneur in the Greensboro area or anywhere in North Carolina, and you're seeking inspiration or dealing with writer's block, consider booking a weekend or a few days at Hotel Denim.

The atmosphere and the art will undoubtedly ignite your imagination. And let's not forget about the impressive lobby as well.

Originally published on https://www.hrs.com/en/hotel/hotel-denim/a-785416/

Originally found on https://www.hrs.com/en/hotel/hotel-denim/a-785416/

Amenities & Service

The attention to detail didn't stop at the aesthetics. The room was equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. The plush bed with high-quality linens provided a restful sleep, and the spacious desk area offered a convenient workspace for business-related tasks. The bathroom featured sleek fixtures and luxurious toiletries, further enhancing the upscale experience.

In terms of service, the hotel staff was exceptional. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted with warm smiles and a genuine willingness to assist. The front desk staff provided helpful recommendations for local attractions and dining options, ensuring that I had a fulfilling experience while there. 

Although there was no on-site restaurant at this time, there was a little cafe area with seating. Additionally, room service was offered and the food options were pretty decent. I ordered nachos and salsa along with some meatballs which were pretty good - a bit overpriced, but good.

Hotel Denim - room service dinner

I ordered room service for dinner late at night

The menu is located on the little denim card at the coffee station

Hotel Denim - Strong Coffee

The coffee is also a real blessing to have for chilly nights

Still, the hotel is located in a great area where there are a plethora of off-campus dining options, especially a really satisfying burger joint across the street.

HOPS Burger Bar is right across the street!


Hotel Denim's location was another advantage. Situated in downtown Greensboro, it was conveniently located near popular attractions, shopping areas, and dining establishments. Whether I wanted to explore the vibrant arts scene or indulge in some retail therapy, everything was within easy reach from the hotel.

Hotel Denim - Aerial Shot

Drone shot of Hotel Denim


Given the circumstances, whether traveling with children or embarking on a solo journey, it seemed implausible to spend $600 on a two-night stay. 

Personally, I don't consider myself an influencer, as I have mentioned before. I am simply a global leader. Influencers often enjoy fabulous discounts and the opportunity to stay at luxurious high-end hotels, documenting their experiences for their followers.

However, the average person, even aspiring business leaders climbing the ladder of success, wouldn't necessarily shell out $600 for a two-night stay. Consequently, I returned to booking.com to cancel my previous reservation and search for a more suitable property. That's when I stumbled upon Hotel Denim, recommended to me in the search results.

The cost was $232 for a Thursday afternoon check-in until Saturday check-out which I think we can both agree is lighter on the purse than $600!

Overall Thoughts

Overall, my experience at Hotel Denim was nothing short of extraordinary. It successfully combines modern style, sustainability, and exceptional service to create a unique and memorable stay. Whether you're a business traveler seeking a comfortable workspace or a leisure traveler looking for a trendy and stylish hotel, Hotel Denim is a top choice in Greensboro. With its avant-garde decor, attention to detail, and commitment to sustainability, it truly stands out as an unconventional pioneer in Greensboro's lodging scene.

So, if you're planning a trip to Greensboro and want to experience a hotel that goes beyond the conventional, I highly recommend considering Hotel Denim. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of contemporary luxury and enjoy a stay that will leave a lasting impression.